What is Kontent Core

Kontent Core is a turn-key and transparent Digital Asset Management (D.A.M.) application for all production(s) needs. Conceived by professional entertainment industry insiders, Kontent Core is the solution to quickly, efficiently, and safely secure licensing for all productions needs by way of revolutionizing the way companies do business in this space. We are not an aggregate, we are a marketplace created by professionals for professionals, simplifying processes thereby increasing a company’s productivity. Now content producers are able to Discover, Search, License, and Administrate the highest professional quality media from major and independent providers with just a few clicks.

For content providers

Finding a platform to distribute your content isn’t hard. In fact, there are a few out there that have the necessary tools to do just that. To us, however, tools are not all it takes to make a platform successful. While tools are important, you need a platform that helps you truly understand your users; the most important key to building greater customer retention. Ultimately, we believe in creating a user experience that is second-to-none, leaving them feeling completely satisfied that they have found exactly what they need.

Our doors are open! If you are a content provider, please contact us and we'll get you set up on the platform.


Vast library

We have millions of music tracks and sound effects from a wide variety of providers on our platform. We have almost every major production music catalogue available and a great selection of indie labels and artists.

Direct licensing

Once you have a track that you like, you can select the clearances, license term and other important details. The system will then calculate the license price and you can directly license that track.

Budget search

Use our budget filter to avoid unpleasant surprises when you find a track that you really like. Define clearances and a cost limit for the search. We will then display only tracks within your budget limit in the search results.

Playlists workflow

Search for tracks, create playlists and share them with your colleagues or clients for easy viewing and download. This feature simplifies the creative and approval process.

Internal content

Import audio you already have from other sources (i.e. iTunes library/playlists) to your account. Then you can tag it, search it, use it and share it in the same way as the content on the main Kontent Core system.


For easy collaboration you can set up a company account and be able to search, view and clone all playlists, and review cue sheets and licenses from your colleagues within the same organization. This feature eliminates the duplication of double licensing or search efforts within an organization.

This is a great production tool that is transparent, faster, more cost effective and very efficient for your content needs!

- Paul Greco, Senior music producer at J. Walter Thompson -

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Simple and Intutive

Select several direct ways to easily find the exact track you are looking for, either by content provider, title, code, composer, etc.

In Depth Search Tools

Refine and narrow down search results or use similar tracks to really find the music you want.

Search By Budget

Search using clearances to stay within your limit. No more dollar signs that lead to disappointment.

Manage and Share

There are many ways to manage your media choices. Share them via an email link or send a downloadable link to your team and clients.

Comprehensive Licensing

License or request a quote directly from content providers through our patent pending license portal.

Pro Features

Upload your own media to be searched side by side with third party media and make it private or public. Upload iTunes playlist for reference material. Customize the interface of Kontent Core to match the always important branding or your company. Create a community within the platform for sharing all of your playlists, licenses, and cue sheets for easy reference.

Added Services

Need to clear an original track or license a track not on Kontent Core? No problem. Just contact us and we will guide you through the steps. We also provide Musicology, Music Supervision, Audio Mastering and Music Focus Group Testing and Analytics.

Contact us for your personal tour today and see how we can help you have the best D.A.M. experience.

Our service packages

Premier tier

Access to all content providers

Search, download and license

Broadcast quality audio

Budget search




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Pro tier

Access to all content providers

Search, download and license

Broadcast quality audio

Budget search

Playlists workflow

Storage for internal content

Visual skin customization

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Additional services

Music clearance assistance

License any music track

Music Supervision


Audio Enhancement Mastering

Focus group assistance

Targeted analytics for your brands


Frequently asked questions

How do I register to use Kontent Core?

Contact us and we will send you a registration link. All of our clients are professionals.

What is the cost to use Kontent Core?

We have two tiers for our subscription usage. Free and professional. Contact us and we will be happy to give you more details.

Can you set up my entire team to use Kontent Core?

Yes, this platform is especially built for enterprise clients. In the Professional Tier, Directors, Producers, Business Managers, and Editors can all access the platform and see all of the licenses created and view all shared content playlists.

I’m worried about the music I license, will I get sued if there is an issue with copyright infringement?

No, we have a very robust E&O insurance that covers every track for every license. We even clear music that is not on our platform. If you need a YouTube track cleared or and original score, contact us, we will help you work without creative handcuffs.

Do you offer demo sessions to learn about the Kontent Core application?

Absolutely, contact us and we can set up a time to give you a complete demo.

I am an publisher/artist, how can I join Kontent Core?

We have an open door policy for all content providers that fall within our professional guidelines. Contact us for more information.

Do you offer SFX on Kontent Core?

Yes, please contact us to purchase a year license agreement to download SFX.

There are several content providers I use that I don’t see on your platform, how can they join?

Let us know which content providers they are and we can walk them through the on boarding process.

I am a music supervisor, do you have any openings for work?

We are always looking to expand our service base for our clients. Please contact us for more information.

The industry has been screaming for a user-friendly, dependable and universal model, Kontent Core has done this so well it now seems obvious.

- Jonathan Firstenberg, Grammy winning producer, BMG / Universal Music Group -

Our clients

AKM Productions
McGarry Bowen
J. Walter Thompson
Lindblad Expeditions